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Hal’s Skereals

As an antidote to the stress of receiving exam results (best of luck to all our students receiving their GCSE results today), here is a piece written by a good friend of Lucy’s about how his toddler goes about having breakfast. Enjoy.


* Weetabix
* Rice Krispies (Kellogg’s)
* Blue milk


* After giving them a good pummelling, roll out of Mummy and Daddy’s bed and wander downstairs.
* Stand outside the kitchen door shouting “Daaadddyyyy”. If this does not prompt an appearance, shout louder.


* Choice of bowl is important: don’t be predictable and feel free to refuse several bowls before settling on one (which can eventually be the one you were originally offered).
* Fireman Sam spoon.


* Keep Daddy (or Mummy on a red letter day) guessing as to whether it is Rice Krispies, Weetabix or both that you are going for today. Be at liberty to let them pour one or other into the bowl and then change your mind.

* Always remember that YOU are in control and THEY are here to serve. It is not your job to keep them happy. If you suddenly tip the packet too far and pour them over the table floor, it is their job to tidy up. No questions.

* Eat as much or as little as you like. Or ignore it altogether and ask for toast.

* Once breakfast is over, segue through to the lounge for CBeebies. Woe betide your slave if there’s something lame on like Woolly and Tig: demand better. YOU should not be made to suffer because of the vagaries of TV schedulers.

* Settle in for 3 minutes of TV watching.

Picture: jensrosenfeldt

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To be honest I’d be far more belligerent if processed cereal were the only breakfast option. Muuuuuuuum where’s my porridge?!!

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