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Festive spirit

A huge thank you to the tutors who joined us last night for our annual Christmas drinks. A very jolly crowd met us in the Hereford Arms on Gloucester Road to share a drink and some festive spirit.

We love these occasions as they give us the opportunity to chat to tutors face to face and to get past the usual ‘Are you free on Mondays at 5 p.m.?’. Everyone has such varied skills, interests and passions that conversations are vibrant and engaging. Tutors also have the chance to understand who we are so we are not just voices at the end of the phone – or fingers at the end of an email.

This morning we have received several messages of thanks:

“I had a great time yesterday evening meeting you and your charming staff, and so many other tutors, with all sorts of backgrounds and interests and energies. The friendliness of the agency is legendary and it is a real pleasure to work with you.”

“I enjoyed myself tonight, there was a positive buzz and the relations seemed genuine!!!”

For those who couldn’t join us last night, we hope that you’ll be able to come to our summer drinks.

We hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas, and we look forward to more success in 2014.

The OC Team

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