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Reflection and Resolution

As with my feelings towards Christmas (I can’t stand the fuss but I love the bringing together of family and friends), my thoughts at New Year bypass the drama of NYE plans (anyway, with a toddler tucked up in bed, I ain’t goin’ nowhere tonight) and turn to reflection and resolution.

2014 has been a great year for Osborne Cawkwell: we continue to have the best tutors on our books and clients are extremely happy with the service we deliver; we launched a new website (after almost 10 years with the previous one) and embarked on the development of new software which will revolutionise how we work; we held the inaugural Osborne Cawkwell Conference with guest speakers and over 70 tutors in attendance; Shirley gave birth to Kian (now two and a half months) and Rianne joined us.

However, as my father always reminds me, business is never static and even though this year has been full of successes, there is still much we need to achieve. Our new software, which we have fondly termed OCiS (Osborne Cawkwell’s Ideal System), will be the key to 2015 as it will allow us to tighten up our scheduling and to speed up invoicing.

We plan to develop a new avenue through arranging tuition for disadvantaged children (a cause that was closely covered at our conference). And I need to get to grips with the best Christmas present ever – David Allen’s Getting Things Done (How to achieve stress-free productivity). So, onwards and upwards.

I wish you all a reflective evening (whether that be at the hottest party in town, or on the sofa watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny) and here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2015 for us all.

Lucy Cawkwell

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