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A pivotal moment

We have always found the arrival of the New Year to be a pivotal moment for us in the academic calendar and this January has been no exception. I feel that once the festive season is over, the next focus for families is their children’s exams and so, come the start of the Spring term, parents and pupils start making tutoring plans.

As our stream of phone calls and emails steadily increases, the diaries of the tutors on our books are starting to fill up. We might have to wait a little longer for a reply to a message as a tutor works out whether they can indeed fit a new pupil into their weekly schedule; we might have to become more cunning than normal in terms of working out the logistics of a tutor fitting in a new student. As always though, we are very conscious of a tutor’s workload and will never push for an unwanted student to be taken on.

For the majority of students, half term is the week starting Monday 16 February; the Easter holidays are roughly from Monday 30 March for 3, sometimes 4, weeks. If you have not yet called us to book extra tuition over this period, do let us know as soon as possible so we can do our best to arrange your ideal timetable. And tutors, please be aware of these dates and try to make yourself as available as possible during this time. Speak to your current students to find out if they wish to book extra lessons over the holiday weeks and then let us know what spaces you have so we can fill them up!

We are acutely aware that the pressure is gradually starting to build for students (even those who’ve just sat entrance exams aren’t really allowed to sit on their laurels), but we are here to support, encourage and smooth everyone’s path to the summer exams.

Lucy Cawkwell

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