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Dress for exam success!

The exam season for many secondary, college and university students, is full of days spent knee deep in revision notes and books; sleep-deprived nights cramming in bundles of information and, vending machine diets. With so many things vying for space in knowledge cramped brains, sartorial choices are inevitably given little or no attention at all come exam day. Does this matter? With theories, arguments and formulas to remember, should students really care about creases in school shirts or trousers which make one look like a shapeless blob?

The answer is yes.

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Whilst a direct correlation between what you wear and exam results have not yet been proven, the idea of dressing for success (a phrase coined in the 1970s by author John T. Molloy) has been known to make a positive impact at job interviews and in the workplace due to the confidence it helps instil.

As students need to feel confident and comfortable on exam days; feeling good and having confidence in their personal appearance can translate into confidence about their exam performance.

So channel your inner Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl anyone?) and utilise these four tips:

-Use an iron!

A wrinkly school shirt or top looks untidy and sloppy. Show yourself and the world that you’re a person of discipline, a person who has it together and understands that details matter.

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-Ban heavy or noisy jewellery

Aim for pieces which are going to add to your outfit, and not cause any painful or uncomfortable distractions.

-Add colour

For those of you who don’t have to wear a uniform, branching out of the basic black white and grey combinations could help channel positive feelings. Reds denotes energy and enthusiasm, blues and pinks; peace and calmness. Green is a relaxing colour and if you want to feel happy, cloak yourself in yellow.

-Keep it simple

This doesn’t mean rocking up to the exam hall in your pjs. Pairing simple stretch jeans or loose fitted trousers with basic, colourful tops and cardigans make for a well put together outfit. Comfort and practicality are key to feeling good and being able to focus on the task at hand. So as much you may adore those super skinny high waisted jeans, they may not be the best option for sitting a 3 hour exam.

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