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The benefits of summer tuition

The benefits of summer tuition

Amidst all the fun and frolics taking place during the summer holidays, parents can be unaware that the sudden change to their children’s schedule for two months can lead to a reverse in the academic progress they have made. Referred to as the ‘summer slide’, it means children could be starting the new academic year in a weaker position than when they went on holiday.

Summer tuition can go a long way in helping to avoid this slide as well as provide great benefits:

  • It can help to close the gap

For students who have spent the past academic year struggling with a particular subject, or for those who need to catch up, having tuition during the summer holidays is a perfect opportunity to tackle the issues head on. Tutors tailor lessons to a student’s individual needs and work at the student’s pace; this enables them to identify where the gaps are and what isn’t working, and therefore provide the right tools and techniques for them to be ready for the year ahead.

  • Improve confidence

Confidence is key to any type of success. With tutors working one-to-one with students during the summer, they will be able to develop a more personal relationship with them. The tutors can cultivate the children’s strengths and, by helping them feel better in their subject, enhance their confidence and put them in a strong and positive position for the start of the new academic year.

  • Make learning more fun

Amongst the business of classrooms and school life in general, it is very easy for the learning process to become immensely frustrating. Having tuition take place in the summer months, away from the school pressures, can allow for a more positive learning experience. Tutors are adept at creating fun, interactive and enjoyable lessons for students.

If you feel your child would benefit from some tuition over the summer, do get in contact; we are open all year round.

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