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What you need to remember for your Easter Revision

What you need to remember for your Easter Revision

So, you’ve spent the first few days of the Easter holidays consuming copious amounts of delicious chocolate. Now it’s time to knuckle down and get serious with your Easter revision: your exams are coming.

The Easter holidays are a prime time to get everything in order and begin to ensure you have a successful period of revision right up until you take your exams. Before you get right into it, have you remembered to do the following?


Have you created an Easter revision timetable?

There is no magic formula on how to allocate your time for each subject, but it will be extremely helpful for you to know what you’ll be revising and when. The best way to do so will simply be looking at results from practice tests and mock exams, and feedback from teachers. That should let you know which subjects require more time. Knowing your exam timetable (so you know which exams are to be taken and when) will also be very helpful in strategically planning your revision timetable to ensure you can prioritise and get the most out of each subject.

Easter revision

Have you found out how you’re going to be tested?

It may sound obvious, but understanding the format of your exams is integral to your Easter revision. Knowing exactly what the examiner will be looking for, whether it’s ensuring you have the right method for maths, working on essay structure for those history essay questions, or ticking the right answer for that multiple choice modular science exam, will help you focus on what you really need to learn.

Have you set goals?

Revision is a process, so it’s important you set goals throughout. Having a goal for every session will keep you aware of your progress and will also be helpful when it comes to consolidation.


Have you set aside time for practice papers?

Practice makes perfect and doing mock papers is a great way in gearing you up for the real thing. So make sure you incorporate practice papers into your Easter revision, especially nearing the end of the process. That way you can see if there are any key topics that need to be reviewed and that you’ve got your time management for the exams in check.

Have you allocated time to relax?

This probably won’t be high up on your priority list right now, but it is important to set aside time to relax away from revising, go outdoors, do the odd bout of sport, keep to a balanced diet and those much needed eight-hours’ sleep a night! A fresh mind and eyes will be integral to ensure each revision session is as effective as can be. Consuming more chocolate during those breaks will, I’m sure, help too!


Have you thought about what it takes to become an ‘expert learner’?

For those of you needing more guidance and want to find out about what it takes to master your learning, you can sign up to our course next week run by Paul Berry from Human Performance Science. The session will help you become self-motivated, cope effectively with anxiety and inevitable setbacks, as well as to take control of your learning methods in order to become an ‘expert learner’!

Paul is offering two dates:

Monday 4 April, 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Friday 15 April, 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

The course will be held at our office (11 Elvaston Place, SW7 5QG) and are targeted for students in year 10 to 13. We will need a minimum of 3 students; maximum 6 students.  The course costs £65 per student. Please call the office on 020 7584 5355 or email enquiries@octuition.co.uk if you’d like to book a place.

Happy revising!

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