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TTA Annual General Meeting

TTA Annual General Meeting

On 19th July, I attended the annual general meeting for the TTA (The Tutor’s Association). The Tutor’s Association is the “go to” resource for tutors and the public on all things to do with tuition in the UK.

The TTA has achieved a lot in the last year so it was my pleasure to hear newly elected president, Adam Muckle, give us the latest updates:

Member gets member scheme – They are in the process of introducing a member gets member scheme, where one tutor encourages another to sign up to the association and gets a reward for successfully doing so. This is to incentivise tutors to help increase membership subscriptions and therefore increase revenue.

Private Pension Scheme – They are also in the process of setting up a partnership with Lewis Chambers, an independent financial advisory, to help private tutors set up a pension scheme. Being self-employed, it can often be difficult to know what to do with regards to pension schemes. Lewis Chambers will offer advice to tutors and assist them in setting one up.

Treasurer’s Report – They’ve increased their income from £30,848 to £42,210 in 2016. The majority of this is through an increase in membership subscriptions, but the addition of running workshops has also resulted in an increase in revenue. After subtracting expenditure, the profits for this year were £1,546. All profits are going into marketing and maintaining value for money for existing members.

Adam Muckle

We then had a talk from David Levin, who was Managing Director of United Learning’s Independent Schools (January 2014 – August 2015) and Headmaster of City of London School for Boys (1999 – 2013). He told us about his fascinating journey from growing up in South Africa, to moving to England to pursue his passion for education, and the influence receiving tuition has had in dictating the course of his life.

David has been monumental in spreading the reach of tuition, not just for the privileged, but also for those who cannot afford it or have no access to it. He believes that state schools need to up their game and make private tuition a mandatory part of the educational process. We can’t rely on volunteers or philanthropy. It has to be funded and instilled in schools. He is working tirelessly to ensure this becomes a reality and we hope to hear more good things from him in the future.

We ended the TTA talk on an interesting debate: whether or not the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) still have any significance. One tutor asserted that they were “pointless” as hypothetically, the day after someone is issued one, they could go out and commit a crime. Also, how often should they be renewed? Once every year? Every 2 years? One teacher said that he went 8 years without being asked to renew his DBS certificate. Are those disclosures significant or do they simply serve to create the “illusion” of safety to parents? What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

It’s encouraging to hear that the TTA are making good progress in establishing a community for tutors and staying true to their vision of representing individual tutors and tutoring companies equally. I look forward to hearing how they’ve got on in 2017!

Dan Licence

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