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Reasons to study abroad

Reasons to study abroad

Would you like to study abroad? If you’ve ever thought about how you can enrich your educational experience, then perhaps it’s for you.

Taking the opportunity to study in a different country is one of the most beneficial experiences a student can undertake. It’s no surprise that colleges and universities around the world continue to expand their study abroad programmes. These programmes present students with a wide variety of destinations to choose from. Need some convincing? See below as to why studying abroad, particularly in Europe, can be such a rewarding experience:

Personal Growth

It’s daunting immersing yourself in a different country and culture but studying abroad is one of the best ways to grow as a person. It allows students the opportunity to push their boundaries and expand their comfort zone. Invaluable life skills are learnt through discovering the ways of different cultures and peoples around the world.

See the world

Studying abroad offers students an amazing chance to see the world. Students get to experience a brand new country with their unique customs, cuisine and outlooks. It also means you can visit some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Make international friends

Living and studying alongside others from different backgrounds provides a great opportunity to create lasting relationships with fellow students. These relationships can be important networking connections later on, giving you great links to an international professional network.

Improve employability prospects

In our globalised society, employers are looking for candidates who are adaptable and open to new ways of thinking. An international outlook gained from studying abroad is looked on favourably by employers. Not only will it make a great talking point during interviews, but also demonstrates your ability to be independent, showcasing your adaptability, resourcefulness and initiative.

You get to have an unforgettable experience

Variety and experience is what makes life worth living. There are few other experiences in life that will provide you with so many positive personal, academic, social and cultural benefits. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to learn new things, travel to new places with other people, creating unforgettable memories.

Why choose Europe?

While the United States and Asia continue to be some of the most popular destinations due to their respective famed Ivy league reputation and growing economies, Europe, with its rich history, vibrant cultures, different languages and first rate institutions, is undoubtedly one of the best locations to consider.

Firstly, many European countries allow UK students to study without paying much for tuition fees. Despite being in a country with a different language, which can be daunting, most study abroad programmes are taught in English making the transition smoother. In addition, being exposed to and learning a new language will give you lifetime benefits.

Finally, Europe offers a great opportunity to spend time in many world famous capitals. Beautiful architecture, shops and restaurants are accessible via train, a short plane ride or even a fun road trip. With so many European countries close together, your travel options aren’t limited to your host nation. Deciding to study in Paris, France, for example, gives you easy access to at least 7 bordering countries which are less than a 2-hour flight away!

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