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Remember to laugh this exam season

Remember to laugh this exam season

“Will you remember me in a year?”


“Will you remember me in a month?”


“Will you remember me in a week?”


“Knock knock?”

‘Who’s there?’

“See, you forgot me already!”


The idea of laughter or even finding the time to smile when you know you’re going to be knee deep in revision notes and textbooks over the next two months may seem like a big ask. Of course it is, you’re entering one of the most high pressured and stressful periods of your life thus far, so opportunities for laughter are probably going to be minimal and making time for a regular deep rooted belly laugh is naturally not going to be at the top of your list. But, what if you knew just how beneficial laughter can be and the positive impact it can have to get you through exam season?

Get ready to chuckle as we take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of laughing below:

Laughter helps to reduce stress

Laughter is a powerful remedy for stress. When you laugh, you trigger the release of  endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals and reduce the level of stress hormones. Scientifically known as opiate peptide chemicals, endorphins are produced in the body that interact with receptors in the brain to help you feel focused, experience pleasure and bliss and simply provide an overall sense of well-being. After a long day of revision, a hearty laugh has the ability to relieve stress and physical tension putting your muscles into a relaxed state for nearly a whole hour after.

Laughter helps to boost your immune system

Falling ill is probably the last thing you want during exam season as every single day counts. So you’ll be pleased to know not only does laughter make you feel better, it is also great for your immune system. Biophysical studies have shown that when you laugh, the diaphragm transforms into a powerful pump for your lymphatic circulation: the lymphatic system is the backbone of the immune system, helping vessels to carry lymphatic fluid through your body and aiding your lymph nodes to clean and filter it removing waste products and dead cells. Laughter also helps to activate specialised immune system cells called t-cells – infection fighting antibodies that help to improve your resistance to disease.

Laughter can improve your emotional health

Instead of getting angry and miserable for hours as you experience one of the many brain blocks absorbing a huge amount of information, choose to laugh and feel much better about everything instead. Laughter helps to release the happy hormone dopamine, which helps the brain process emotional responses and enhances positive emotions. This is so beneficial as so much about dealing with exam pressure is a lot to do with attitude and how you approach your work. With a positive mindset, laughter can help lighten your burdens and put you back on the right track with your revision.

Laughter is truly a priceless tool, so make sure you remember to laugh  A LOT this exam season.

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