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The Tutors’ Association’s 4th AGM

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Last week I attended The Tutors’ Association’s 4th AGM.


Held in a wonderfully sunny boardroom on St James’s Square, it was a gently reassuring event. The President and Treasurer spoke of the good progress the Association is making.

Membership is up to over 600, and as a result, revenue is up; the extra funds have paid for a marketing specialist to raise awareness of the Association; the Association’s second National Conference is being held at The Barbican in October and will bring together over 15 speakers from the world of education – tickets are selling well and the costs of running the conference have already been covered by sponsorship; and Adam Muckle, the President, is working relentlessly to promote the Association and tutoring as a profession. He has been speaking at conferences and featured in the press.

As always, though, there is still work to do and no one is resting on their laurels. One of the big issues is how to increase membership further – there are still tens of thousands of tutors out there who either don’t know about the Association or don’t feel it’s worth joining. Both issues need to be tackled. We will again be promoting the Association to the tutors on our books over the next couple of months: not only to point out the financial benefits of becoming a member, but to stress that joining the Association is a positive move in validating the profession we all live and breathe.

Lucy Cawkwell

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