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Interview with Jonny Benjamin – Author of Stranger on the Bridge

Interview with Jonny Benjamin – Author of Stranger on the Bridge

Jonny is is one of the most important figures in mental health right now.


He first rose to prominence through his campaign #findmike, where he took to social media to help find the stranger that saved his life when he was feeling suicidal. He’s since gone on to tell his story all around the world, reaching millions of people, and we’re honoured to have him join us today to talk about the following:

03:44 – What was going through his head the moment he decided to end his life

06:20 – Is suicide a choice?

10:01 – What it was like when Neil first approached him

11:16 – What was it specifically about Neil that helped?

14:01 – How he;s coping now? And what are some strategies he uses to help manage his mental health

17:06 – How Mindfulness has helped with his recovery

20:40 – Advice for young people who are feeling suicidal

25:30 – Jonny tells us about his new campaign, ThinkWell

For more information, check out Stranger On The Bridge over at Amazon.  To keep up to date with Jonny, head over to his website, and follow him on Twitter, @MrJonnyBenjamin

And be sure to check out his new campaign ThinkWell, which aims to make mental health education compulsory in schools.

For mental health updates, take a look at our blogs and follow us on Twitter @osbornecawkwell @danlicence

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