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Interview with Josh Connolly – Founder of COAisathing (Being a Child of an Alcoholic is a Thing)

Interview with Josh Connolly

I first saw Josh Connolly give a talk at a mental health course I was on. He was the first speaker of the day and he didn’t have any flashy slides or even any notes; he just sat down and told his story and it blew me away.


Josh Connolly has had an incredible journey, from growing up as the child of an alcoholic to becoming an alcoholic himself, before turning his life around and becoming a role model for others through his work with Nacoa (The National Association for Children of alcoholics) and his own website, COAisathing (Being a Child of an Alcoholic is a Thing).

In this interview, we talk about the following:

01:01 – Josh tells his story

05:43 – How he used alcohol as a way of masking pain

10:16 – What defines an alcoholic?

13:25 – At what point his drinking went from just a bit of fun at the weekend to an addiction

14:39 – How he got off alcohol

17:14 – How he deals with the emotions and trauma that caused him to drink, now that he’s sober

20:26 – How he feels about his dad, now that he’s recovered

22:30 – His website COAisathing and the work he does helping young people with alcoholic parents

26:35 – How he’s raising his kids to be more open with their emotions and prevent them from developing the same problems he’s had

To keep up with all the amazing work Josh is doing, head over to: COAisathing , Josh’s Website and Twitter

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