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Interview with Keone Wales – LGBT Activist, Author and Visionary Artist

Interview with Keone Wales – LGBT Activist, Author and Visionary Artist

There’s a lot of change going in schools at the moment with regards to sexuality and gender.

To someone on the outside reading the occasional headline or hearing about it on social media, but never really doing much research beyond that, it can be a very confusing world.

So, to help us navigate our way through some of that confusion, we’ve got none other than LGBT activist, role model and mentor, Keone Wales.

Keone utilises his experience by going around schools giving talks on a variety of issues that have affected him growing up, and educating people about how to be more tolerant and understanding to some of the plights young people in the LGBTQIA community may be experiencing.

We talk about the following:

00:23 – What is LGBTQIA?

03:47 – What is the difference between transsexual and transgender?

04:58 – What is Non-Binary?

06:27 – What is the difference between sex and gender?

08:25 – What is gender conformity?

09:48 – What are some examples of shaming behaviour towards LGBT communities?

11:27 – How can we change negative attitudes to difference?

14:15 – How does social media play a role?

16:15 – Keone talks about the work he does in schools

For more information about Keone, head over to: https://www.diversityrolemodels.org/


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