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Helene Jones

Helene Jones

Helene offers individual learning assessments for children aged 4 to 13 and advises parents on how to help boost learning.

She combines her knowledge and experience with her assessment qualifications in undertaking individual specialist teacher assessments; identifying strengths and weaknesses in reasoning, English and maths. Assessments are followed by consultation with parents, giving specific advice on the best and most enjoyable ways of ensuring that time spent learning at home is most effective.

Helene has almost thirty years of mainstream teaching experience and managed the learning support departments in leading London prep and pre-prep schools including Eaton House the Manor and Wetherby Prep. She now works part time as a specialist teacher at Eaton House Belgravia. She is a fully qualified educational assessor and is a member (and registered tester) of The British Psychological Society.

Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie is a Counselling Psychologist with many years of experience working both privately and within an NHS multidisciplinary CAMHS team.  She focuses particularly on difficulties around learning and she incorporates an educational psychologist’s emphasis on cognitive testing within a broader psychological assessment process tailored to the needs of each individual child.

She believes that the Wechsler tests in particular can help to  hone in on a child’s unique learning style, providing an in depth documentation of strengths and weaknesses across a broad spectrum of tasks. Cognitive testing can also give a sense of intellectual potential and facilitate the implementation of targeted support as required.